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78- 23apr78Gaisford

1978 at Donington Park didn't bring Tony much joy from his 6 visits there in the DAF . Both Wendy Wools rounds were a DNS and the other finishes were 6th twice ,7th and 9th. Photo John Gaisford.

DAF pic 3 (Lrg)

The DAF 55 V8 brief history...

Truely one of the iconic supersaloon cars of the '70s. Bonkers creation from Tony Hazelwood to race using a short DAF coupe from Holland and stuffing a Rover V8 ,then a 450 bhp Oldsmobile V8 under the bonnet. The build took 2000 man hours with the help of Chas Beattie and Cooper Motors. The result was entertaining handling and certainly fast , setting the first 100mph saloon lap at Thruxton amongst other lap records.

Colin Folwell of Corbeau Seat fame bought the car and loaned it back to Tony to continue racing during the height of the supersaloon era.

Alan Minshaw of Demon Tweeks was the next owner and had a couple of seasons with her before letting Tony Sugden race it in 1978. A switch to using the 2-litre BDX from Tony's Escort made it handle a little easier and also made it eligiable for the BARC Wendy Wools which had a 2500cc limit . Re-branded as a Volvo 66 in line with Volvo's takeover of the DAF company and having been in various colours she was repainted all red. Tony won the very first national Wendy Wools round ,Thruxton March 12th but it would be the rival BRSCC 'Rivet Supply' championship that Tony gained 9 podiums to win the 2500cc class than year. Suprisingly the Thruxton win ,his 2nd race of the year was the only outright win all season with 3 class wins in total from 30 races.

The car had been for sale for sometime whilst being raced and would eventually find a new buyer having been advertised less engine for £3500 along with the origianal Olds V8 engine for £1100 separate. The car soon disappeared until Tony Hazelwood was able to aquire most of what was left late 2003 and undertook a huge restoration to bring her back to original condition and livery ,see photo.

The old girl has made a few public appearances since its restoration such as Goodwood ,Cholmondeley and most recently at the Thruxton 50th anniversary meeting in 2018.

Mallory78Gaisford22Oct Sugden Daf

October 22nd 1978 - Mallory Park : The BRSCC Rivet Supply finale and Tony`s 2nd in class was enough to win the 2500cc class from Derek Walker`s challenge.  Although Tony only won the class twice ,his five 2nds and two 3rds racked up the points in a consistant season.


Class winner : BRSCC 'Rivet Supply' championship

Mike Kettlewell's guide says ' won 4 races , 9 seconds and 11 thirds . 1 pole ' which would relate to class finishes not overall. The singe outright win and suprisingly only pole position were both in the 2nd outing of the season ,the first Wendy Wools round at Thruxton. This was also the only outright fastest race lap . The other 2 listed were fastest class race laps.


April 22nd 1978 - Oulton Park : round 3 of the BARC Wendy Wools at Oiulton Park. Tony finished 4th.

Photographer not known.


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1978 : Daf 55 ( Volvo 66 ) - BDX 1975cc